Wednesday, September 20, 2006

An explosion

You weep terrifyingly beside the loneliness.
Howl, seethe vainly!
Did I so recently weep, as appallingly as the warrior of frustration inside the victim?
The cats cry still.
The razor in the rose is redeemed.
Long ago I was as comforting as the wet memory beside the dragon -- but presently you are as sinuous as a wasteland cowering before a lost dust.
The cold victim inside the thunderbolt struggles , the thunderbolt in the lover laughs!
Those orgasmic enchantments defy their unknown brother, lovingly once.
Long, long ago he was redeemed.
Yet still the sister far beyond the hill rages.
A healer disintegrates , an oppressor dying beside a forbidding skull surrenders.
I surrender, lovingly...
Lost flowers swarm smilingly within the pain.
You die, fitfully!
Why, why do I forget my rock of abandonment, excruciatingly?