Tuesday, August 01, 2006

How to Beat High-Dodge Players

Bellato is race that specializes in dodge. Unlike Accretians who has enormouse HP and huge defence in their armors, and Cora who rely on attack power rather than defence. Bellato can have the highest dodge in the game among other races, due to their Holy Force called "Evasion". Once Bellatos have this buff, this adds 30 dodge to their character giving it more evasion.

Most players get irritated on hitting high-dodge people cause they always miss on these kind of players. All they see on their screen is Miss! Miss! Miss! There are two ways to counter dodge. One way is through the use of AOE Spells/Skills. But they don't do enough damage and require groups to focus fire on the high-dodge player, and you'll just be wasting your AOE on a single target rather than use it on players clumped together. So I would prefer to use the other way of countering dodge which is having a high Accuracy.

Accuracy is the way to counter dodge. Cora is the race that mastered accuracy or aiming. Accretia have launcher armor which gives lots of accuracy. You might lose a lot of attack power just to have these high accuracy. You might replace your attack rings/amulets with aim rings. You might use composed chargers instead of adrenaline pots. You might replace your Int weapon with a Pine Weapon. And you might lose some defense on your gloves just to have the 4 grace talic glove, but its worth it. Once you have enough accuracy to be able to land hits 100% all the time on these dodging people, you'll be critical-hitting them also most of the time. Some people say accuracy doesn't raise critical hit. But believe me, it does. Mystics can benefit from the melee accuracy buff as well. You should try it. Accuracy or aiming raises critical hit probability as well as chaos talics. So you might want to use a Pine weapon inserted Chaos Talics but i would prefer Pine Weapons inserted with Keen Talics, cause for me Chaos Talics go well with Sharp Weapons since Sharp Weapons raise critical probability by 5%, meaning the higher your critical hit rate (Chaos Talics), the more you benefit from the Sharp Weapon's 5% increase in critical hit probability.

Now you might wonder what is critical hit? Critical hit is landing the highest damage you can dish out to your opponent/monsters. Critical hit's best asset is its stunning ability. If you critical hit someone or a monsters. It is stunned for a moment. Monsters get stunned for a longer time. While other players/opponents get stunned in a fraction of second. But it's still worth it. A player stunned cannot use potions or do anything which is good in disabling enemies for a while.

So how to counter high-dodge people? Use high accuracy. High Accuracy enables you to hit them 100% all the time and give you stunning ability (critical hit) which disables them from using potions which in turn could bring them down easily cause high-dodge people are mostly rangers. Rangers have low life and rely on potions greatly to gain back lost life. If they cannot use potions due to the stunning effect. That will be their end. I'll post a followup topic on how to beat BlackMaus after this.


At 1:10 PM, Blogger Stryker said...

Hiya.. I play both Bellato and Accretia

Nice summary on how to counter high-dodge characters

At 5:38 PM, Blogger soulrun said...


Bellato dodger here :)

At 9:51 AM, Anonymous ID1987 said...

Good stuff ^^

Hopefully I won't get pwnd as much anymore. I hate missing >.<

At 4:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry, in my further researches, accuracy doesn't give critical hit.

At 11:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

and Bellato's special ability that increases their dodge is not "Evasion" but "Agility". Evasion is generic ranger buffs that all races have.

At 7:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

with the addition of perfect generators dodge sucks! def is the only thing you can count on


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